guestbook.cgi is an easy to use, yet flexible program for building a guestbook. In its simplest form, it creates a very straightforward guestbook that records the comments your guests make on a form that you create. However, by using the optional formatting commands and configuration file, guestbook.cgi will build a very spiffy-looking guestbook including your own custom graphics and HTML.

Installing a guestbook is easy, using the Account Control panel. Simply choose a directory (any directory, including your home directory) and tell the installer to put the files there.

Once you've installed the guts of the system, you will have to create a form page that allows users to sign your guestbook. Your form should not be named guestbook.html or guestbook.cgi, those names will be used by the guestbook system. A good alternative is guestsign.html.

The HTML form just uses standard HTML syntax for forms. You should define the "action" as "guestbook.cgi" and the method as "post" so guestbook will properly handle the request. We assume you know how to write forms, see any decent HTML reference if not.

For each field, the field name is used to make the label for the entry your guest makes. By default, the guestbook will have each field name in boldface, with a colon and the actual visitor input. Each visitor is separated by a rule line. Note that empty fields are not recorded. Here is the code for an example form:

<form action="guestbook.cgi" method="post">
Your name: 
<input type=text name="Guest name">
Comment:<textarea name="Comment" cols=60 rows=10>
<input type=submit value="Put this in my guestbook">

Let's say the visitor puts "Morgan" in the first field and "Hello- fine site" in the second. You guestbook entry will look like this:

Guest name: Morgan
Comment: Hello- fine site

Viewing your guestbook is simple- direct your browser to guestbook.html, which is where all the signatures are kept. This file, like any other html file, may be edited. If you want to delete or modify entries, you only have to download, modify, and re-upload the guestbook.html file.

If you would like the formatting to be different, see the Advanced options page.
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